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Advancing the Conversation on a Modern Economy

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Our Mission

The Modern Economy Project is a broad coalition of leading stakeholders focused on bipartisan policy solutions that promote economic opportunity for all through modern jobs, modern employers, and a modern government. We are dedicated to resetting the conversation in Washington, D.C. on economic policy. Our goal is to convene thought leaders, employers, and other stakeholders on policy conversations that more accurately reflect the realities of our modern economy.



Americans in communities across the country want and deserve a modern economy that offers increased economic opportunities, upward mobility, and the ability to get ahead and build better lives.


Modern Economy Project Goals:


Advance Bipartisan Policies

To advance bipartisan labor
and workforce policy recommendations that break down political barriers.


Collaborate with Critical Stakeholders

To create a broad constituency of policymakers and stakeholders who demonstrate thought leadership and collaborate on critical issues.


Be the Go-to Economic Opportunity Resource

To serve as the go-to resource for policymakers looking for information and ideas to promote economic opportunity for all through support of modern jobs, modern employers, and a modern government.

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Coalition Principles


We believe in celebrating employers who prioritize employee advancement, skills training, wages, benefits, and more 



We believe in promoting reforms expanding access to
better benefits, training, technologies, and corporate
social responsibility


We believe in supporting economic certainty through stable and effective government leadership 

Organizational Structure

MEP is a standalone coalition and we are welcoming new member organizations that represent the following communities and are committed to advancing the modern economy in a bipartisan, positive manner:

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MEP_SmallBusiness copy.png

Small Businesses

MEP_ThinkTanks copy.png

Think Tanks & Academia

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MEP_TradeAssociates copy.png

Trade Associations

Our work is driven by members from across the economy...
...and informed by leading think tanks and foundations committed to innovative policy solutions that strengthen our economy:
Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation and Progressive Policy Institute.
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