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Request for Proposal: Research on Employers Impact on Communities

July 27, 2022 — Modern Economy Project

TO: Interested Parties

FROM: Modern Economy Project

RE: Request for Proposal: Research on Employers Impact on Communities


Employers can transform economic and quality-of-life conditions for workers and communities. They have the opportunity to “raise the water level” for people and places that have often been left behind, rather than simply helping the well-to-do do even better. The Modern Economy Project (MEP) seeks proposals from research firms for a project that generates original quantitative insights on how employers impact the socioeconomic landscape when they enter a market. This project will specifically but not exclusively highlight the impact on traditionally underserved communities. Proposals should lay out a project plan from research design to production of deliverables.

Project Goals

  • Measure employers’ impact on socioeconomic metrics when they enter a market, with an emphasis on societal priorities like health care, education, and public safety.

  • Uncover the impact of specific employers or industries in local communities through case studies or other descriptive methods.

  • Generate high-impact deliverables that improve the policy debate around employers’ local impact.

  • Highlight findings that are salient to subject matter experts, the media, and lay audiences.


Deliverables should be high impact, such that they tangibly improve the policy debate on how employers impact communities. Deliverables should also highlight findings that are meaningful to a range of audiences, including subject matter experts, the media, and casual observers.

Specific deliverables should include a white paper and standalone infographics that can be used across media channels. In addition to core findings, the white paper should include a summary one-pager, case studies, full methodological details, and technical appendix.

Proposal Requirements

Proposals should cover but are not limited to the following topics:

  • Summary of experience and capabilities;

  • Past work on related projects;

  • Project team;

  • Research design and methodology, including data requirements;

  • Example findings from research approach;

  • Menu of deliverables;

  • Project costs;

  • Timeline and workflow.

Proposal Evaluation

Proposals will be evaluated on the following criteria: Overall experience and capabilities, research design and planning approach, and cost effectiveness.

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